CoolThe proccess i have gone through with this timezone stuff is that my partner is Mohini and our times are 2am and 9pm. we are making slides and inteveiwing people. it has been a blast doing this and i cant wait to see the other schools it will be fun.Laughing



Innocenthey guys what sup my moba homeboys whats trippin in da wood. tell me now tell me now yea yea yea yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kiss

Tongue outWhoo i'm so totally glad it's the weekend yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Wink


Money mouthp.s Comment nowSmile



Winkhey guys waht r u doin on the weekend!!!!!!!!!Wink


CoolMy cousins are coming over to sleep and it will be soooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!Embarassed

InnocentI am also going dancing for 1 hour doing hip-hop and then doing another 1 and 1/2 straight after, i will be sooooooooo tyred after that.Kiss

Laughingon top of that i have to go to my friends party for 5 HOURS STARIGHT FATER DANCING ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy gooooooddddddddd!!!!!!!!Money mouth

Sealedthen when i get home from the party my cousins will be there for the sleep over, that is alll saturday by the way. on sunday my cousins will leave on the sunday and then hopefully i will get the rest of sunday off by doing nothing!!!!!!Smile

Tongue outso comment my blog and tell me about your weekend coming up!!!!!!!!!!!!Wink

Coolby Laura Ascenzo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Cool


hey guys

Kisshey guys whats up!!!  with me nothing much at the moment, just writing to you guys.Tongue out

Winkyea so send me a comment and i will send you one back for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Laughing




CoolHey guys the things that i have learnt htis year so far has been sooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!Embarassed


InnocentI have learnt how to make a pin cushion in textiels. i made to and my second one was, i have to admit, was better that my first one. girls esential came to my schoo and they taught me alot. that day was sooooooo fun and good. bully busters also came to my school and they were so funny with their littel act. i also learnt alot then. i wish i could see bully busters again they were soooo good.Kiss


LaughingThey way i would use the internet at home would be by using it really careful. i wouldent write my fll nameor any or my personal details if i was using msn or myspace, you never know what could happen or who could ne reading it. i would try not to cause any vires' because they are really bad. comment on my blog if you have any more ideas for me and i will surtently add them. You can also just comment on it!!!!!!!!!!!!Wink



Tongue outYellLAURATEEN3!!!!!!!!!SurprisedMoney mouth

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