Spice gulls

There is a new band in town~


(Me) Sarah= Posh spice

Monique= Scary Spice

Shannon= Baby Spice

Reema= Ginger Spice

Gabby = Sporty spice


Spice gulls life plan

Im guessing you already know who the spice gulls are

well when we are older and while we finish our degrees we will live in a house that looks

bad&crap on the outside but awesome& stunning  on the inside.we will all share one big

 bed like big brother then we will buy a house in new york, london and paris. and every

year we will go to mulan to get some more clothes and heaps of makeup when we visit

 some fashion shows.  we will have great jobs and a great life!

~(Bffls Spice Gulls)~


Spice gulls 4eva!!


I just wanted to say hi and i love you all my spice gulls. I love you Ginger-sexy spice (Reema), Posh spice (Sarah), Scary spice (Mon) and Baby spice (Shannon)!!!!!!Laughing

KissLuv Gabz xxKiss


Hey People!!!!

Hi, I'm Gabby, my friends call me Gabz or in some cases Sporty Spice (WinkDONT ask)

   Im very talkative, (just like my name, Gabby means talkative. It's in the dictionary) but like to quiet down (rarely). Don't ask me why but I LOVE pigs, they're my favorite animal in the world!! I have a dog called Roxy, and I love her to bits!! (My older sister has a dog called Bristles). What I look for in a person is loyalty, kindness, humor, happiness and bubbliness (is that a word?)UndecidedAnyway, to match my personality I guess, though sometimes I need the shy or quiet person to calm me down cuz I go a bit wild sometimes.Tongue out

   I miss Primary School a lot and miss my old friends, I was really close to my best friend but she's going to a different school to me now.Cry My favorite thing about school would have to be recess, lunch, sport and home time!!Wink My least favorite thing would have to be homework!! I want to keep in touch with my old friends.I enjoyed writing this blog!!Laughing Well, that's all I can think of right now.......... I don't really have anything else to say but............  Bye!!!!!!!!   


KissLove Gabz xx.Kiss

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