Making great comments

Everyone likes comments. It means you know people are reading and that they are interested in what you have to say. It is a good practice to read and comment on about three blog posts from students other than your friends. But what do you say? How do you comment in the best way? It is easy to say" wow, great post". but is this really encouraging? Try to make your comments meaningful. When you are commenting think about asking a question. Some sentence starters for comments which I got from Anne Davis , a teacher and a blogger who has great ideas, are here:
  • This made me think about.......
  • I wonder why.......
  • Your writing made me form an opinion about.......
  • This post is relevant because.......
  • Your writing made me think that we should.......
  • I wish I understood why.......
  • This is important because.......
  • Another thing to consider is.......
  • I can relate to this.......
  • This makes me think of.......
  • I discovered.......
  • I don't understand.......
  • I was reminded that.......
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