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 Ok for those of you who love writing poems and really want me to give you some more starting points, here is a cool site and three suggestions for nice easy quick ones to have a go at. Make sure when you write them that you save a copy as a word document and that you put them on your blog. For those of you who freak out when someone says write a poem, I guarantee you will find these really easy and painless to write. The site is

 And your poems to try are:

  1. I can't write a poem
  2. Lament
  3. Some of my best friends are poems


Happy blogging

on  June 27, 2008  at  1:42 AM

Such a cool website i loved visiting it and it was kindof helpful.
on  June 27, 2008  at  1:46 AM

i can NOT wright poems
on  June 27, 2008  at  1:47 AM

i bet u ill hav the worst poem eva
on  June 27, 2008  at  1:47 AM

but i will try
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