8 am in the morning

hey every body

i just thiought

i would tell you about gabby's and mine progress in our film making for the time zone experineces. Well so far we have done one video and it is pretty funny. I t is about eight clock in the morninmg and we decided to make it interesting by having a food fight i don't want to spoil it but we throw pancakes and you can hear the slap it is really funny we had to do the film twice because in the first one we sort of didn't really know what we were doing and it didn't look as good and for all those who know me and gabby me you know we were laughing so much and you couldn't see what we were doing but in the second one we didn't laugh and if we did we covered it up and yea by the end of the film we were all sticky it was disgusting i had maple syrup in my hair it waqs gross. We still have one more film to do but we are hoping for a dryer day than what we had.

lv shan xx


i have no idea what to type about

i have no idea what i want to type about hey why don't ui type about things that i don't know what to type about like i need ideas and i have no ideas at all hmmm hey what about the olymics huh  thats intresting to some people and i am not one of those people. The thing that ui hate about the olymics is that people over advertise them and because im not intrested they over take everything on the radiioo on the tv its everrywhere and i know its importan to some people so they should have a special olymic radio station a nd have 1 channel trhat has the olymics on it and then the next 4 years another channel will have the olmpics and so on so everyone gets the money at different times.

lv everyone


hey everyone read my blog and all day try and make kim talk because im having a bet with her thjat she cant talk all day hehe

luv u all xx


hey everybody guess what did anybody else know about the gas masks that they were going to make the athletes wear at the olympics how dumb is that its werid right i know ok bye

hey everybody i usually use my internet to chat to my friends through msn and to do homework so yea thats how i use myinternet during the holidays.


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